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Cake Baking Training


We provide training that can accommodate both the beginners as was as the more advanced

Thus, whether you are a novice or very skilled in cake baking and decorating, we have a class than can suit your need.

We offer small groups classes so as to make training relevant and hands-on as possible, hence everything learned can easily be re-created at home. Since our courses are intense, everything has been provided to maximize your learning time.

At the end of the training you will be equipped with good working skills, ethics, and techniques that are needed to bake and decorate cakes and set up your own business. We also give you professional advice and marketing strategies that will be helpful to run your own business.

You are never alone even after you have left us, we are always ready to answer your questions and follow up on

There are many categories of classes to choose from. Visit our link “Training   Calendar”  for more information on the different classes to choose from, start dates and prices.

Event Draping and Decoration


Have you ever thought of running a business that is both enjoyable and lucrative?  Event Draping and Decoration is one of the few businesses that can give you the opportunity to enjoy both, because it is profitable and fun. Our training program is tailored is such a way that you can acquire the skills, ability and confidence required to start and run your own business.

Our courses which are practical cover amongst others:

  • Table decoration
  • Event centerpieces
  • Tie back and napkin design
  • Draping pricing
  • Draping a gazebo
  • Draping backdrops
  • Tent and Marquee draping
  • Basic Flower arrangement
  • Balloon decoration
  • Kiddies party decoration            Etc………………………….


We do not limit our training on crafting but we also cover the business side of event decoration, such as pricing, marketing, building a portfolio, management.